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If there is one thing that is very important – and even that is an understatement, I should say crucial – is locking down some cheap and cheerful flights and decent (well in my case, as I have found, passable) accommodation so that you do not find yourself stuck somewhere, or having to shell out a small fortune to reach your next destination, or having to sleep in a cave (yes, the cave has happened, haha!).

The internet makes this an extremely easy process. For all you pre-planners out there, the internet is more than that, it is a necessity – although in reality it is not. How do you think people used to travel without todays modern conveniences of Data Roaming, Wifi and Online Check-In…!?

Therefore, the main focus of this page is directed towards the vast majority of travel people, who use the internet to organise themselves as they cruise around the world.



Skyscanner: Everyone’s beloved Skyscanner. There cannot be too many people around who haven’t heard of quite simple put the best way to search flights for a wide range of dates and a wide range of flight providers – I say there cannot be too many people, but currently working as an adventure travel agent, it is still crazy to see people who ACTUALLY have not heard of Skyscanner. Crazy… Log on, search destinations and dates, and hey presto, lots and lots of flights appear before your eyes. You are just a few clicks away from you dream trip! Web:


Google Flights: Snapping at Skyscanner’s metaphorical heels is the internet big guns, Google. They have recently – well not that recently – launched a flight search programme through their ever present search engine. I mean why not? They have tried to take on everything else internet related of late… Very similar pricing to Skyscanner, but beware of both, as the prices can be deceiving – click through the the final website before planning your adventures! Web:


Student Flights: For those of you with youth (or a student card) on your side, there is always your trusty on-street, retail travel consultants from Student Flights. They promise to beat any flight quote, and have direct access and pricing for flights through the airline portals, so inevitable can get better rates than online. Always worth a shout because if there is one expense that you can never really get away from when you travel it is flights (unless you are some kind of Genie – we’ve all seen Aladdin). Web:


Get your accommodation wrong at your peril. The online accommodation game has exploded in recent years with websites popping up left, right and centre, each offering you the cheapest options out there., Agoda, and even voucher websites such as Groupon are getting in on the act. The standout website of the modern age is however, quite clearly, Airbnb!


Airbnb: Airbnb has given the whole world an outlet to offer an accommodation service to the rest of this little planet. Each user has an account, and other users, whether they are the “landlord” or the “tenant” can rate each other based on the experience that they had during their stay… a genius accommodation solution. With more accommodation options in more locations across the world that any other provider, Airbnb is a great port of call if you want something truly unique… from traditional family home-stays in Cost Rica, to penthouse apartments in Bangkok, it has it all! Web:

**Click here to get £28 off your first Airbnb booking** Old trusty. When in doubt, or in need, or in anything really, has got your back. Probably the best accommodation prices on the net (as long as you can use you extra special “Genius” deals) will not only give you a full list of prices, availability, and ratings for a wide, wide range of accommodation (mostly hotel, guesthouse and hostel), but will even give you a bit of a nudge in the right direction by scaring you with a bit of urgency and fear of missing out, with notifications like – “This property has already been booked 5 times in the last hour”, and “This is the last room left for your dates!”. Go on lad… get that sale! Web:

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