Adventure Travel

Travel by some is seen as an adventure in itself, but “Adventure Travel” as a concept that can be perceived in many different ways. From extreme activities such as Skydiving, White Water Rafting, and Bungy Jumping, for example, through to exploration of unexplored territories such as Jungle Trekking, Mountain Climbing and Scuba Diving. The world gives people the opportunity to travel and find their own adventure, no matter how far they wish to take their adventures…

I personally feel I am able to find my own adventures as I travel, and don’t think I need too much pushing in the right direction to “expand my horizons”  and “push my limits”. However, for the many people who need a helping hand, or a gentle shove in the adventurous direction there are many companies out there who will help you to plan and execute your ideal trip. From backpacking adventures around Australia and New Zealand, to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, check out the companies below to see where your next adventure might take you:

G Adventures (Global):


Intrepid Travel (Global):


Backpackers World Travel (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, SE Asia)

bwt logo.png

Peterpan’s Adventure Travel (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, SE Asia)


These 4 companies are just my pick from my personal experience. I have worked as a travel consultant for Backpackers World Travel and Peterpans Adventure Travel, so can vouch for the fantastic, pioneering work that they are doing within the Adventure Travel and backpacker discount package travel industries in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia where the company stores are based. G Adventures and Intrepid Travel are the world’s largest and top rated Adventure Travel companies, offering experiences far surpassing that of other companies in the market. From Antarctic exploration tours, guided mountaineering expeditions, to cultural experiences, these two companies absolutely cover all bases.

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