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There is a wide range of travel books and literature available to any keen traveller. From the staple publications such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, to the newest in travel info through blogs and online applications, the right info is quite literally at your finger-tips. In some cases it can be hard to determine whether the information your are reading is factually correct, or just the casual ramblings of a wannabe writer (like me!), that is why I tend to use my blog to highlight my own personal experiences and not spread incorrect information to my readers. I think people should either try figure it out themselves or read up about the details from accredited sources… I certainly don’t want to be held responsible for the downfall of somebodies travels because they read something on my site that they took as gospel…

Below I have provided some links to some of the best and most widely known and accredited authors and publications so that you can find all the info your need on your next destination.

Lonely Planet


Rough Guides 


Matt Kepnes / Nomadic Matt


Finally I would like to highlight one of the boooks that really spurred my passion for travel. I am a HUGE fan of food and the diversity of cuisines that can be found across the world, and being a Englishman from the West Country one of my favourite chefs is Rick Stein. He travels the world cooking, eating and learning about delicious food. The first of his books I read, which I bought for a friend for his birthday and then inadvertently fell in love with – Rick Stein’s India – was incredible and was one of the reasons I decided to visit India… Check out Rick’s Collection…

Food: Rick Stein –



More Blogs:

There is a whole world of excellent travel literature out there, including a wide range of incredible blogs to read online. Here is a list of the most influential travel blogs that I have found to be great sources of enjoyment, information and inspiration:


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