Koh Lanta: Island Time

Following our land-locked few weeks in Northern Thailand and our strangely entertaining experience in Thailand’s eccentric capital – Bangkok, it was time to retreat from the mountains and the cities and head southwards to Thailand’s islands for a bit of a slower life for a few days. Those few days have turned into a week so far and we haven’t even left the first island… Koh Lanta.

Our initial plan was to try and take in three of Thailand’s Andaman Coast islands in the space of about 9 days. Safe to say, that plan went down the shitter. We arrived in Krabi after our overnight bus from Bangkok, which I actually found pretty hospitable – Soph did not find it so agree – and we immediately boarded one of the local “bus/taxi” options, a Songthaew – basically a converted pick-up truck with benches installed in the back and a roof stuck on – and made our way (slowly – as the Songthaew picks up anyone and everyone along the way and tends to give preference to the destinations of the locals whilst charging the tourists a healthy surcharge) to the Krabi ferry terminal.

For 450 Baht (£10 ish) we caught a boat over to Koh Lanta. Our itnital plan was to stop for a few days on Koh Jum along the way, but decided that to save money (and the general ball-ache of moving every few days) we would just focus our efforts on Koh Lanta.

Views from the ferry crossing to Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta has been fun, relaxing and the island down-time we were looking for. The weather has been shit, with April being the start of the rains, but this just means we need to be on guard to make the most of each sunny interval. The accommodation situation has been interesting, with a real third-time-lucky situation taking place. The first place, in Klong Khong, wasn’t bad to be fair, but the army of ants that patrolled the doorway to our cabin at Unseen Bungalows made life a little bit irritating – the toilet, which actually flushed, with a flush, not a bucket, was a plus. We stayed 2 nights and evacuated, opting for a different area of the island, heading north to the pristine beach of Phra Ae.

The view of Koh Phi Phi from Phra Ae Beach
An Eagle (I think) soaring above Phra Ae Beach

Accommodation No.2 was Easy Huts. Easy in the sense that the staff there must take it SERIOUSLY easy, as the huts looked like they hadn’t been cleaned since the dawn of time. We even had a mushroom gracing us with its presence in the bathroom – delightful little fella – and an ever-present aroma of urine from the bathroom which had no door… yep, we’ll take it! Behind Easy Huts was a bar called The Tree House, which, despite having NOBODY in the bar they felt it necessary to blast their eclectic selection of tunes until the early hours – earplugs at the ready! We lasted 2 nights at Easy Huts, but at 250 Baht per night, it was pretty cheap.

Now we find ourselves in a cosy bamboo bungalow about a 20m walk to the beach, at Lanta LD Beach Bungalows. Life is much more peaceful, we have no mushrooms, and less ants invading our space, plus I could roll from my room into the ocean if I really wanted to, but that would just be silly!

Lanta LD Beach Bungalows

The local people are good fun. I think one inebriated Thai man might have fallen in love with me momentarily, giving me the goo-goo eyes, continually wanting to shake my hand and touch my arm, and then shaking his booty in my direction in a rather provocative manner, this is all whilst “my-man’s” friend was serenading Soph with an experimental rendition of Wonderwall. Excellent entertainment!

Well, as with Island time in general, not too much is happening, life is pretty slow, so that’s all from me for now. Here is a selection of photos from Koh Lanta so far.