One Night In Bangkok

I had heard very mixed reviews when it comes to Bangkok, with may people praising the city for opening doors to worlds that would normally be closed to general public, however others merely see it as a hot, sweaty, dirty city providing a gateway to more of Thailand’s beautiful places.

A late night walk down (then up, then down, then back again for good measure!) Khao San Road in the heart of Bangkok’s backpackers district is a real fest for the senses. The constant hassle from sign wielding touts promoting their bar’s exclusive deal on buckets, shots, beers, etc. (which as it turns out is exactly the same deal as next door), the drunken cackle from scantily clad tourists as they strain to inhale as much laughing gas as possible until they can take no more of the world wobbling around then, and you can’t forget the creepy pop-pop sound coming from the mouths of the men touting for the notorious ping-pong shows. That all combined with one of the worst sound clashes known to man, Khao San Road is literally a love or hate it kind of place.


As we are a little low on time and quite frankly gagging for a beach at this point, we decided one night in Bangkok was enough for us. I can’t really see how any night on Khao San Road could really differ from the next to be honest, and as we both quite enjoyed our night roaming possibly the tackiest, most touristy place we have ever seen, it would seem a shame to over-do it and tarnish our raucous experience.

With beers and cocktails floating around at around £1.50 a pop, it was hard to resist the charms of this place; street food at every turn and embarrassing Britons giving us all a bad name – what’s not to like, haha!

Instead of a second night in this boisterous capital city, we booked ourselves onto an overnight bus leaving Bangkok the following day at 8pm, which has brought us down to Krabi where we will be escaping the pressures of mainland life to hopefully find a quiet little beach bungalow to take things a little slower for a few days!

Before we could board our bus, we did however have a day to kill. With our hangover in check (ish) we loaded up our bags and set off on a walk around the city in the heat of the midday sun. If it wasn’t for the occasional break from the extreme heat by diving into comfortable air-conditioned coffee shops along the way, I am sure we would have died somewhere on the streets. After a trip to the Golden Mount and Chinatown to explore the markets and eat some delicious Chinese style noodle soup, we set off in search of the World’s largest reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace.


The Grand Palace was confusing, after tight security including bag searches, etc. we headed off around the palace walls only to be told at each entrance we could not enter. Maybe they didn’t like the look of us… We gazed upon the palace from a distance and then made our way round to see Buddha having a snooze at Wat Pho.

The bus from Bangkok was long at 12+ hours, but relatively comfortable considering. We made it to Krabi this morning and will be boarding a boat to Koh Lanta today to find a bit of beach life waiting for us at the other end.