I don’t have Malaria…

Well what a terrible day in the most amazing place. Yesterday we travelled from Stone Town to a small village on the east coast of Zanzibar called Jambiani. It is simply stunning; it sort of doesn’t look real. However, the incredible setting for our new home for the next 5 days (which will probably be extended to longer) was tarnished a bit by the fact that I felt like utter shite!

After a whole day of generally feeling terrible, Soph decided it would be best to try and get a doctor to come and see me, as I was pretty much a squirming mess in bed so going anywhere would have been an issue. This is easier said than done in most areas of Zanzibar, however fortunately there is a small community hospital in Jambiani that has a doctor 2 days per week. Thankfully this was one of those 2 days!

He was possibly the most casual doctor I have ever met, turning up with nothing medical related on him (as we later found out, the person that went to find him did not tell him what the problem was, only that a doctor was needed). After a quick assessment he went back to the hospital to collect some medication and also a Malaria test kit as he suspected I had caught Malaria. A quick prick in the finger and a tense minute or two of waiting, the blood test was complete and thankfully revealed I was in fact Malaria free zone!! Result! But I still felt like crap…

I dosed up with enough drugs to knock out a small horse and had a surprisingly good nights sleep.

Today has been a bit easier and I have had a chance to enjoy our rather beautiful surroundings, and have even risked a beer (not even crippling illness will stop me drinking a cheeky beer!). After over 24 hours of drinking rehydration salt solutions, which are absolutely dire, I think I deserve it.

Here’s to an illness free remainder of our time in Zanzibar so that we can crack on and enjoy more of the views like these from right outside our beach hut:

jambiani-fishing-boats jambiani-fisherman jambiani-bungalow-view jambiani-beach-view